Upstream Color

Disco 1

Nº Pista Artista Nombre Canción Duración Tamaño
1 Shane Carruth A Low and Distant Sound Gradually Swelling and Increasing 5:50 3.32 MB
2 Shane Carruth A Sullen Rush and Roar 4:24 2.1 MB
3 Shane Carruth A Young Forest Growing Up Under Your Meadows 2:30 1.08 MB
4 Shane Carruth After Soaking Two Years and Then Lying High Six Months It Was Perfectly Sound Through Waterlogged past Drying 3:18 1.66 MB
5 Shane Carruth As if It Would Have a Universal and Memorable Ending 1:42 0.88 MB
6 Shane Carruth Fearing That They Would Be Light-headed for Want of Food and Also Sleep 1:56 1.13 MB
7 Shane Carruth I Love to Be Alone 2:27 0.84 MB
8 Shane Carruth I Used to Wonder at the Halo of Light Around My Shadow and Would Fancy Myself One of the Elect 1:26 0.71 MB
9 Shane Carruth Leaves Expanded May Be Prevailing Blue Mixed with Yellow of the Sand 2:26 1.2 MB
10 Shane Carruth Perhaps the Wildest Sound That Is Ever Heard Here Making the Woods Ring Far and Wide 1:47 0.85 MB
11 Shane Carruth Stirring Them up as the Keeper of a Menagerie His Wild Beasts 2:36 1.1 MB
12 Shane Carruth The Finest Qualities of Our Nature like the Bloom on Fruits Can Be Preserved 1:49 0.83 MB
13 Shane Carruth The Rays Which Stream Through the Shutter Will Be No Longer Remembered When the Shutter Is Wholly Removed 5:25 2.93 MB
14 Shane Carruth The Sun Is but a Morning Star 0:37 0.32 MB
15 Shane Carruth Their Roots Reaching Quite Under the House 2:11 1.07 MB